Saturday, October 1, 2011


Suggestion for List of demands for Wall Street sit-on movement

Every citizen should thank these brave young people who are taking the time for this non-violent Wall-Street Sit-On movement to show their discomfort for the welfare for the rich only system of government that is being carried on by both political parties. Future generations will hail these people for saving this nation from a ruthless and super greedy few (similar to pre-independent British royalty in some ways—power corrupts, even the best of us, so don’t allow it) and handing it back to its people as founding fathers intended.

I suggest that this movement have a list of reasonable and somewhat conservative, (such as no welfare for the rich) demands and state loudly that this movement won’t be stopped until those demands are met. This is essential since the major problems in the USA are due to the welfare for the rich only strategy that the politicians are currently engaged in for them to keep their positions. The majority of the people in this country worship individuality and self-reliance and thus will support (at least those who are not brainwashed by the media owned by the greedy few) any movement that is advocating no welfare for anyone than asking for welfare for those in need. So let’s hammer on eliminating welfare for the rich than asking for welfare for all.

I could write an exhaustive list of demands but let me write about one of the most disturbing phenomenon not only kill and bankrupt so many people but also the cause for our major deficit and debilitating debt that the advocates for welfare-only-for-the-rich are hammering on to use as a ploy to cut most needed programs such as public schools etc. that help the working man and woman and their families.

List of demands:
Demand number 1: – No Socialized Health Care for the rich

In the USA, currently we have the most bizarre system of socialized health care. The most powerful and the wealthiest people get free socialized health care while the rest of the population has to pay close to 50% of their income to health care companies as de facto taxes to get half those benefits.

For example Congressmen, Supreme Court judges, Military etc. get their health insurance paid by taxpayer. The major media personalities get their health care paid by their corporations as their fringe benefit (partly subsidized by the taxpayer as these corporations take a tax deduction for those payments). Thus none of these people will have to worry about their health care and won’t go out of their way to worry about those citizens who have none.

Similarly none of the top corporate management pays for health care out of their pocket. They get it free, paid by their corporation that is called a fringe benefit amounting to negligible taxation on their compensation while the working middleclass pay a huge percentage of their income as taxation to private corporations to get health care.

Also keep in mind that the US socialized system of health care is different from socialized health care that exist in rest of the civilized nations (where all citizens pay progressive taxes to get it and have equally good health care) in the world in the sense, under the US system, the government transfers taxpayer funds to a few private corporations (an oligopoly that is holding the health care industry hostage), over-paying billions to provide free health care to the powerful few in the society. This gives the power to pay over $100 million each in compensation to the top management of this cartel while we are experiencing a bankrupting deficit.

Keep in mind that the Medicare is a program to pay health care industry what they bill the taxpayer for taking care of the sickest people in the nation (over 65 crowd) while the young healthy people are paying insurance premiums to health insurance companies (to repeat a de facto taxation on their income). This shifting of health care risk of the older population to the taxpayer is one of the most humorous, if not for its deviousness, stunts health insurance companies have played on the taxpayer.

If taxpayer is properly represented by those who collect taxes then we either should require the insurance companies to insure people from cradle to grave or have the government competing with private companies doing the same, if we are to reduce our deficit and debt. Allowing insurance companies to take the profits insuring the healthiest population and then shifting insuring the risky old-age population to the taxpayer is crime. If the government is allowed to insure people from cradle to grave as a competitor to the private companies then the government can make enough gains from those premiums from young people—the same way private companies make—that they can use to offset the additional cost to insure them when they are old. But currently taxpayer is given the right only to take the losses but not the profits.

The first step to bringing down health care cost so that all citizens can afford is to eliminate the socialized health care that is provided only to the powerful and wealthy in the society. They should be required to pay for health care insurance the same way they pay for their auto insurance. Keeping in mind that most top corporate management even don’t pay their auto insurance but it is also paid by their corporations there should be legislation so that any such payments to be considered taxable benefits to them.