Saturday, July 31, 2010


There is a very good reason why there is no money available for small and medium-sized private businesses. Simply it is because the bankers, funds and brokers who have too much money in their hands could make a better return by gambling their money in the casino called financial markets. Since it is not their money that these middlemen have, if they win they win, if they lose their investors lose or get bailed out by the taxpayer represented by their corrupt government.

For example if a middleman who holds money lends to a private business the only way they will be safe is if the private business continues to make profits. Not many private businesses can continue to make profits any more since the whole business world is being monopolized by a handful of mega-sized businesses with access to unlimited capital. Even if the small businessman continues to make profits (owing to some miracle) the middleman can collect only an insignificant interest payment.

Contrast this with what happens when these middlemen give money to a public company via buying stock of that company: They can immediately collect a huge commission amounting to 8 to 12 percent. And on top of that, the middlemen get a large number of stock options to buy the stock of such a public company at a discount price. So the next thing these middlemen do, with the help of their associates in the market, is to run up the stock of this public company on which they invested their money. Then they cash out the stock options they got as part of the deal to provide them capital and make extra money. This is how stock market bubbles are created. Even speculative stocks run up in price due to the buzz being created by the middlemen who invest their investors’ retirement funds on these speculative stocks.

Almost every influential person in this country knows what’s going on and as long as we have this system in place, the USA will remain a nation of very few people controlling all the wealth and the majority living from month to month (the characteristic of a Third World nation). If you wonder how such a small group of people could control the majority to go along with such a system. It is through the control of the media that they use to brainwash the majority. Their goal is to brainwash enough people and divide the nation so that they can continue with this scam benefitting only a handful of persons

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