Thursday, September 29, 2011


Questions for Ron Paul for President:

Like him or not, Congressman Ron Paul is one of the most honest politicians anywhere in the world. Yet sometimes I find some things Dr. Paul says totally bizarre. I hope Ron Paul or one of his campaign people could answer these questions or clarify them to those of us are debating if to vote for him. My questions are:

1. Do you ever doubt as to some of your beliefs so as to figure out if they are totally destructive to society?

2. Have you ever changed your mind about any major positions you had? If so what are they?

3. Could you please explain to us the health care system, we have in the USA, where the industry and the government almost through a conspiracy provide socialized health care to congressmen, supreme courts, top corporate management, major media personalities and all other powerful groups while running a system of health care inaccessible to the rest of the population without costing more than 50% of their wages or going bankrupt?

As you know, none of the powerful people in the USA pay money to get health care. They get it free and it is called a fringe benefit amounting to negligible taxation on their compensation while the working poor pay a huge percentage of their income as taxation to private corporations to get health care.

Also please keep in mind that the US socialized system of health care is different from socialized health care that exist in rest of the civilized nations (where every citizen pays a progressive taxes to get it and have equally good health care) in the world in the sense, under the US system the government transfers taxpayer funds to a few private corporations (an oligopoly that is holding the health care industry hostage), over-paying billions to provide free health care to the powerful few in the society. This gives over $100 million each in compensation to the top management of this cartel.

I am not sure if to vote for you or first find out more about you as to figure out if you are capable of recognizing that you are so wrong in a few major issues that may destroy so many lives even if some other policies you advocate make lot of sense.

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